When dealing with Vulnerable Clients we will adopt key principles that our employees will adhere to:

  • We will maintain an up to date record of our Clients identified as being Vulnerable.
  • We will review the personal circumstances of our identified Vulnerable Clients as often as possible whilst they remain a Client of Advice Finances to ensure the company is working in favour of their best interests.
  • We will monitor our complaints procedure to identify any trends.
  • Vulnerable Clients will receive the extra care and attention they require to ensure they remain happy in the service of Advice Finances.
  • All employee communication with Vulnerable Clients, is monitored and regular training is provided to ensure the Client is treated fairly and their requirements are met.
  • Ways to improve the treatment of Vulnerable Clients will be discussed in the weekly compliance meetings.
  • Where Advice Finances cannot help a Vulnerable Client, they will be referred onto a third party who Advice Finances feels will be the most beneficial to the Client.
  • We will encourage Clients to contact us if they experience a change in circumstances.